How quickly time fly's!

June 2016

Off to another international wedding -this time in the South of France -have tool bag will travel!! Many contemporary designs featuring succulents in burgundy and grey.

July 2016

A long term client is throwing one of her famous parties again -fabulous to have "carte-blanche" to decorate this tented "city" including 5 themed restaurants.

Sept. 2016

Delighted to be returning to Cornwall to design for a very special couple's happy day -with her Dad being a famous musician I hope the flowers will match the music!

Oct. 2016

A great event in 3 Counties & S Wales Area -"A Champagne Spectacular"!!

Nov. 2016

I adore Christmas & already have many designs planned for the festive season.

December 2016

I will be demonstrating at a new event at Notcutts Garden Centre, Oxford on the evening of the 1st December -loads of beautiful things to see & buy! Click here for more details:


Notcutts Charity Flower Arranging Evening